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Panache Sailing / About Us

Would you like to enjoy a tour with personalized service? That is our aim. We are a company that conveys confidence and quality from start to finish. Panache Catamaran born under the mission of providing personalized service to each of its customers. With an important capacity of 40 passengers and 5 people of staff, Catamaran Panache offers a different experience for the only purpose that you enjoy every minute with us. We specialize in Catamaran tours and personalized customer service, our main office is located in Playa Potrero. We have several years of experience therefore, Catamaran Panache is leader in Flamingo. We know that the customer is vital in any organization or company, so within our philosophy is to have a commitment to all those who visit us, our staff is trained to provide a highly personalized service in every tour we do. So it is 100% guarantee a memorable tour for you with us!

What we do

Morning 8:30am/12:30pm or Afternoon 2:00pm/6:00pm Tour Panache IV Four hour tour with a professional crew aboard a luxurious Catamaran in the Flamingo Coast. Sailing through the blue ocean, you can enjoy delicious cocktails prepared and served by our friendly Panache crew. After an hour sailing, you will get to a place of relaxing cove to practice guided snorkeling with one of our experts, having the opportunity to see amazing species like: puffer fish, starfish, octopus or manta rays. In the mean time our chef will prepare a delicious lunch like: chicken burrito, guacamole, ground hot beans, chips, deep, fresh fruits and vegetables. Sailing along the coast line having a different view of the gold coast of Costa Rica and our professional crew will serving refreshments throughout the entire cruise. Relaxing and enjoying the sail and the sunset is the perfect way to end your experience.

Private Charters and Weddings, Panache IV is available for private charters for your special occasion. The elegance of Panache IV is the perfect setting for your romantic day. Panache IV will make sure that everything goes perfect, from beginning to end! Our team of friendly and experienced staff will coordinate with you your event in Costa Rica. With maximum comfort, guaranteed safety and with the desired privacy we sail you to the most beautiful places. We can highly personalize your sail tour. You would definitely miss something, if do not take your opportunity to sail with us!

IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.... • to have space and privacy on a Boat • to enjoy sailing on a modern, well-equipped sailing Yacht (toilet, large awning, navigation equipment) • to see fantastic destinations that are not mentioned in the guidebooks • that your trip is organized by a management which has years of experience in marine adventures .....THEN CHOOSE THE NR.1!

Why we do it

A sailor's joys are simple. We share a love of sailing, travel and wildlife. Sailing is very extremely relaxing thing to do and everyone can try. It is always good to be close to the nature, and it gives a feel of relaxation. When you go sailing, you're continuing a tradition more than 3,000 years old. Sailing and sailboats are some of the most important inventions in human history, and have been pivotal in migration, trade, warfare, and enjoyment. We love sharing the experience with our clients!!